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6/ история

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In 20th years of the last century chess giants Emmanuil Lasker and Khose Raul Capablanka drew the sad conclusion: to their favourite game threatens drawn game death. Geniuses have appeared are right. It is enough to admirer of the most ancient game to recollect large tournaments in which the majority of parties came to an end with a peace outcome. To not allow to die to game as those, to prevent death of a classical sixty four cellular chess, and the alternative was born – a hundred cellular chess in which the potential of a lot of variants, not in the last instance, is incorporated undrawn games. What is стоклеточные a chess? At each contender on a board under command “an army” in quantity of 24 figures and pawns plus the increased 100-cellular field. This kind of a chess has the big variety of debut schemes. If at a chess-64 twenty variants of the first move, at a new chess thirty eight. On a board characters familiar to any chess player cost to a pain, and for harmonization of the expanded space three new pair figures are entered: princes, falcons, dolphins who possess necessary running properties. Why the falcon and a dolphin are entered? It would be desirable to answer with a question a question: why the overland horse and the elephant can participate in chess fights, and representatives of air and water elements do not deserve such honour? A falcon is a small queen. It combines qualities of the shortened elephant which goes not further three cells on a diagonal, and an extended horse, the move on which long axis is increased by one cell. Falcons settle down on just before elephants. Dolphins settle down on an extreme cell of a board, that is near to rooks. The dolphin goes as a rook on a vertical and a horizontal, but not further three cells. Besides it can jump through one or even two figures on a free cell. The third figure in an innovation are princes. They settle down directly ahead of king and queen, as their true children. Prince is a strengthened pawn who can go forward not only on a vertical, but also on a diagonal as a checker. Presence of three «flying» figures also complicates creation of the stopped positions about which spoke Lasker and Capablanka. Pawn barriers and the closed game leades to drawn games. And consequently it is possible to assume, that both great grand masters positively would concern to occurrence of a new chess. The attitude to chess-100 of modern grand masters ambiguously: if the ex-champion of the world Anatoly Karpov has negatively met their occurrence, other former champion Harry Kasparov has concerned to them with sympathy. Interestingly such phenomenon: in a new chess those who has reached appreciable successes in a traditional chess perfectly play. So, S.Maslennikov, the master under version FIDE, became the first champion of St.-Petersburg, V. Znamensky, a prize-winner of many competitions of a chess-64, is the champion of Russia of a chess-100. The chess-100, born in Leningrad in 1982, have received the name The falconry (a falcon – is a new piece, by analogy: a chess-64 is named Royal hunting). Have developed their B.Troshichev, V. Varkеntin, O.Skaletsky and the author of these lines. During the analysis of history and philosophy of this wisest game invented by a human being, it was found out, that the basic branch of a chess the chaturanga-shatrange-Spanish chess (14-th century which are well and nowadays) are updated periodically, thus figures on a board undergo changes in force and quality depending on expansion of game space. To learn to play a chess-100 easily enough. If to a schoolboy, able to play a traditional chess, to show, how new figures move in 15 minutes it becomes a player in chess-100. There are masters and grand masters, the organizations which independently execute championships of all levels. The chess-100 are recognized by discovery by the International Academy of authors of discoveries and inventions, their founders are awarded medals of the Nobel winners of P.L.Kapitsa (on behalf of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences), Albert Schweitzer (on behalf of the European Academy of natural sciences). The famous “Encyclopedia of chess variants” of D.B.Prichard places an article about this chess. The chess has been patented. The chess-100 can bring the invaluable contribution to spiritual development of rising generation of Russia, and as universal language of dialogue - in an establishment of the international communications and kind attitudes between people. To propagation of the chess-100 has a site www.falconrychess.ru, it helps interested people to contact organizers of a chess, buy chess sets. An opportunity to play in the Internet, it is direct on a site of what we while dream, will give to game a new impulse of development.

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